Repertoire de Zingende Serveersters

Hieronder vindt u een overzicht van het zeer gevarieerde repertoire waarmee de Zingende Serveersters van ieder evenement een succes maken.

Nummer Artiest Menu
ABC The Jackson 5 Algemeen
Against all odds Phil Collins Algemeen
Aint no mountin high enough Diana Ross Algemeen
All night long Lionel Richie Algemeen
Sunny Aperitief
Happy Aperitief
We are family Aperitief
Back it up Aperitief
Ding a dong Aperitief
If I can’t have you Aperitief
I say a little prayer Aperitief
I’ll never fall in love Aperitief
As Aperitief
The boy does nothing Aperitief
You had me Aperitief
ABC Aperitief
Super duper Aperitief
Rythm of the night Aperitief
September Aperitief
Creep in Aperitief
You’ve got the best of my love Aperitief
Sing sing Amuse
The way we were Amuse
Tell him Amuse
New York state of mind Amuse
Natural woman Amuse
Don’t it make my Brown eyes blue Amuse
It’s my turn Amuse
Unforgettable Amuse
Don’t know why Amuse
Strong enough Amuse
All of me Amuse
Stay Amuse
I just had to hear your voice Amuse
Imagine Amuse
Right to be wrong Amuse
Don’t feel like dancing Entree
I’m yours Entree
One day in your live Entree
Blow me away Entree
Someday we will be together Entree
Warwick Avenue Entree
Carwash Entree
Venus Entree
Do you know the way to San Jose Entree
I heard it trough the grapevine Entree
You’ve got a friend Entree
Frenessi Entree
Aqua de beber Entree
Turn me on Entree
Midnight at the oasis Entree
Need somebody Entree
Don’t you worry about a thing Entree
Valerie Entree
Bad girls Entree
The Boss Entree
Wonderfull world A la carte
Mrs Jones A la carte
Sway – Pupini sisters A la carte
True colors A la carte
Emotions A la carte
Pack up A la carte
Where did our love go A la carte
That man A la carte
Imagine A la carte
Sunny Boney M A la carte
Happy A la carte
We are family A la carte
Ding a dong A la carte
September A la carte
Natural woman A la carte
All of me A la carte
I’m yours A la carte
Someday we’ll be together A la carte
Car wash A la carte
Venus A la carte
You’ve got a friend A la carte
Midnight at the oasis A la carte
You might need somebody A la carte
Don’t you worry about a thing A la carte
Bad girls A la carte
Valerie Glee A la carte
Yes sir, I can boogie A la carte
Girls just wanna have fun A la carte
Cheek to cheek A la carte
It don’t mean a thing A la carte
This will be A la carte
You’ve got the best of my love A la carte
The sweetest taboo Dessert
Look at me I’m Sandra Dee Dessert
Yes sir, I can boogie Dessert
Girls just wanna have fun Dessert
Hey big spender Dessert
Candyman Dessert
Lolly pop Dessert
Cheek to cheek Dessert
It don’t mean a thing Dessert
This will be Dessert
Candy Robbie Williams Dessert
Candyshop Dessert
I want candy Aaron Carter Dessert
Sweets for my sheets Dessert
Lady Marmelade Digestief
Hot shot Digestief
Ease on down the road Digestief
Ladies night Digestief
Let’s get loud Digestief
I’m so excited Digestief
Hot stuff Digestief
Shackless Digestief
Blame it on the boogie Digestief
Ain’t nobody Digestief
Relight my fire Digestief
Knock on wood Digestief
Respect Digestief
Ring my bell Digestief
River deep, mountain high Ike & tina turner Digestief
Last dance Digestief
Get lucky Digestief

‘Sfeermakers & sfeerondersteuners’

Mooie easy listening liedjes met swingende up-tempo nummers